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How We Get Paid

It is extremely important to us that we openly disclose the fees you pay and the potential conflicts of interest that may exist in our relationship. Our clients pay us for the products and services that we provide in three potential ways:

How we get paid

A single fee Case-By-Case Basis Comprehensive Plan Fee typically around .75% of AUM

Percentage of advisory fees collected:
<$1M of household AUM:
1% $1M-$2M: 1%
$2M-$5M: .8%
$5M-$10M: .6%
$10M +: negotiable

Commissions paid in the sale of insurance products.

Fiduciary Standard & Your Best Interest

Barnes Young Wealth Advisors & Northwestern Mutual are committed to following the latest industry guidance and regulations. Please see below for detailed information in these areas:

Client Relationship Summary

Summaries for brokerage and investment advisory services

Guide to Brokerage Services

SEC Regulations Best Interest disclosure