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Clients We Serve

Our Clients

Our typical clients are anything but typical. They are exceptional individuals who are driven by ambition and are on a unique path for themselves and their families. Our clients have a big vision for their future and are actively working towards it. While they are already successful, they continually strive for progress and growth.

Technology + Corporate Leaders

These leaders in the technology and corporate world have carved a path for themselves that few ever do. They are thoughtful, ambitious, and have elevated their careers beyond what they may have ever thought possible. They are high income earners & often have a component of equity compensation in the form of RSUs, RSAs, Stock options (ISO& NQ), ESPP,etc.

Entrepreneurs + Business Owners

These business owners have built substantial opportunities for themselves from the ground up by bringing value to the marketplace. They are driven, focused and legacy-minded. We help with our clients with multigenerational planning, key employee compensation, tax savings strategies and exit planning.